Blueberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix

Blueberry Kool Aid is certainly a great and refreshing drink after a day of tiresome activities. It is also a great advantage of this mix of being unsweetened is that it will enable patients like diabetes to taste such drink. In this post, I am going to discuss about this Blueberry Kool Aid soft drink […]

Kool Aid Pink Lemonade Soft Drink Mix

Unlike other soft drink mixes, Kool Aid Pink Lemonade unsweetened soft drink mix does not come with sugar which makes it suitable for those who do not like sugar or like less sugar. At the same time the mix is as valuable to the diabetes patients. Soft drink which is of lemonade taste will surely […]

Original Kool Aid Flavors: Cherry & Grape

There are 6 original kool aid flavors available. The flavors are Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon-Lime and Orange unsweetened Kool Aid.  If you love Kool Aid, you may check out these original flavors. In this post I am pointing out two of the original kool aid flavors which are Cherry and Grape. Original Kool Aid Flavor: Cherry Kool-Aid Cherry unsweetened soft […]

91 Kool Aid Flavors Including 6 Original Flavors

Kool Aid is a popular brand of flavored drink mix. Kool Aid has come a long way, from experimenting with flavors in mother’s kitchen to a mind blowing list of 91 Lool Aid flavors now! Now Kool Aid is known as Nebraska’s official soft drink. How to Prepare Kool Aid Drink Different flavors of kool […]