Raspberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix

Buy Raspberry Kool Aid from Amazon
Buy Raspberry Kool Aid from Amazon

Raspberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix is one of the best products made by Kool Aid. This is a Soft Drink Mix which can be mixed in water to make refreshing Soft Drink. However, this Soft Drink Mix is unsweetened that means you must add sugar in order to make it sweet besides flavors though the choice depends on you whether you like sugar or not. Many people find problem from sugar; especially patients like diabetes and this feature of unsweetened makes Raspberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix favorable to many people who can’t drink sweetened drinks. After a long tiring day when your body needs to energies or you find tiredness due to hot summer; Raspberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix can certainly be the best refresher for you. In this article, I am going to discuss some details of Raspberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix.

How to prepare this Drink

In a glass or pitcher, take 1 cup of sugar (if you want sweet) or sweet free sugar and Raspberry Kool Aid Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix. Then powder them and add water to make 8 quarts. Stir the mixer with water until it dissolves. Lastly, add ice cubes. If you plan to preserve, then use anything except metal container.

What I loved about Soft Drink Mix

1) The Soft Drink Mix is a good source of Vitamin C.
2) It’s Sugar free
3) Caffeine free
4) Controls acidity
5) This Soft Drink Mix has a natural flavor
6) Easy to make Soft Drink using the mix.
7) Lemonade flavor

What I didn’t like about the Soft Drink Mix

1) Artificial flavors and colors added in this mix.

Being a consumer it is you who would always decide and choose best drink mix for your need. But if you find any kind of dilemma then I would like to help you recommending the Raspberry Kool Aid Soft Drink Mix. The reasons are quite simple to identify. Firstly, it is just a soft drink mix which will refresh you and it can do that for sure. Secondly, though there are artificial flavors and colors added; this soft drink can be good drink mix for you as it is unsweetened, caffeine free and most importantly, controls acidity what many can’t do.