Original Kool Aid Flavors: Cherry & Grape

There are 6 original kool aid flavors available. The flavors are Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon-Lime and Orange unsweetened Kool Aid.  If you love Kool Aid, you may check out these original flavors. In this post I am pointing out two of the original kool aid flavors which are Cherry and Grape. Original Kool Aid Flavor: Cherry Kool-Aid Cherry unsweetened soft […]

91 Kool Aid Flavors Including 6 Original Flavors

Kool Aid is a popular brand of flavored drink mix. Kool Aid has come a long way, from experimenting with flavors in mother’s kitchen to a mind blowing list of 91 Lool Aid flavors now! Now Kool Aid is known as Nebraska’s official soft drink. How to Prepare Kool Aid Drink Different flavors of kool […]